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Working Group 1

10th meeting, 2nd of June 2021

Meeting summary

We reviewed comments in the main document, discussing comments and suggestions and adding tips on safety, environmental conditions, and type of laser used. We also discussed the potential damages a laser can cause to an objective, the difference in laser power measurements obtained from different laser power meter brands/sensors and the effect of temperature on your measurements. The subgroups “Automation” and “Powermeter” reported briefly their progress.

9th meeting, 5th of May 2021

Meeting summary

We reviewed comments in the main document, discussed discrepancy between measurements made with different power meter models on the same microscope and same laser, commented different graphs to display all measurements made by the group in their respective labs so far, to help define what a “stable” behavior is. We decided to set up a Zotero shared library for reference articles. The automation sub-group presented the project of a GitHub repository for scripts.

Working Group 2

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Working Group 4

6th meeting, 18th of May 2021

Meeting summary

We have generated a detailed protocol and are currently testing the following parameters: 1) how does bead size affect the coregistration accuracy. We test 200nm, 1µm, and 5µm beads at the moment. 2) are the suggested settings from the iso manual neccessary, or can we generate a more convenient protocol. We test the impact of pixel size and z-step size (16nm/40nm, and 70/200nm). From first measurements, we have seen that a variation from speciment preparation can be rather high. Thus, one of us (Aurelien) is creating the samples for the rest of WG4.  

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5th meeting, 20th of April 2021

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4th meeting, 16th of March 2021

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3rd meeting, 9th of February 2021

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1st meeting, 19th of November 2020

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