WG 13 – Phototoxicity

WG 13 – Phototoxicity

The phototoxicity working group will bring together the international community to raise awareness about the issue of phototoxicity in live imaging. The issue of phototoxicity is still overlooked by many researchers and is not properly reported on in live imaging publications. We will create presentations and videos for the community focused on sources of phototoxicity, how to assess phototoxicity and mitigation strategies. Packaged materials for workshops of different lengths (1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour, full day) will be developed and made available to the community. The goal will be for WG members to use the materials to present phototoxicity workshops as different scientific meetings in their regional area (e.g Canada, UK) and in their field specific area (e.g. biophysics vs neuroscience). The group will develop and disseminate general recommendations on how to measure, mitigate and report on phototoxicity.

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