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WG 5 - Objectives

This WG focuses on the microscope lateral and axial resolution, which is essential for reporting size measurements of near- resolution limit objects or distances between them. Resolution is highly related to the objective quality but depends strongly upon other parameters ranging from the sample preparation to the signal detection.

The WG aims to define sample preparation, image acquisition, and data analysis protocols for testing resolution, first using sub-resolution fluorescent bead preparations and second employing alternative pattern-based methods. Monitoring the resolution (Point Spread Function in the case of beads) over time will identify possible aberrations in the system. Pooling the data from multiple laboratories within the WG will allow them to compare reproducibility for sample preparation, data acquisition, and data analysis tools, thereby determining a robust, easy-to-use protocol to propose to the community.

WG 5 - Co-Chairs

WG 5 - Latest News

The Working Group 5 - Lateral and Axial Resolution has recently welcomed a new member from Israel, Mr. Joseph Steinberger from the distinguished Weizmann Institute of Science. On behalf of the team, we extend a cordial welcome to him and we look forward to his active participation in our future endeavors.

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our QUAREP-LiMi community, Mr. Wei-Chen Chu from Academia Sinica in Taiwan.
We welcome him as we strive towards advancing the quality of light microscopy imaging on a global scale. We encourage like-minded professionals from all corners of the world to join us. We invite you to peruse our website for insights on how you can actively contribute and make a difference. Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes, and contribute to the evolution of light microscopy imaging in the future.


Last meeting: 11th July 2024, 3:30 pm