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WG 8 - Objectives

The remit of WG8 is to relay both short and long-term goals of QUAREP-LiMi by the publication of a set of White Papers to communicate and seek cooperation from the community.

The principal aim of these White Papers is to promote QUAREP-LiMi to

1) Prospective new members: to actively engage with the work of QUAREP-LiMi;

2) Imaging scientists and bioimage analysts: to raise awareness of QC issues;

3) Group Leaders/Principal Investigators: to engage a critical mass of academic researchers (top-down);

4) Research scientists (graduate students and postdoctoral researchers) with expertise in the specialized WG topics and imaging scientists:  to influence the research group leaders (bottom-up); 

5) Scientific publishers:  to raise  the quality of methods reporting and rigor and reproducibility in publications;

6) Leads (CEO/directors) of companies and commercial application specialists: to work alongside QUAREP-LiMi to facilitate ease of measurements and reporting;

7) Prospective funders (funding agencies, private sponsors): to support the work of this initiative.

WG 8 - Co-Chairs

WG 8 - Latest News


Last meeting: 7th January 2021, 4:00 pm