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Membership in QUAREP-LiMi is open without restriction to practitioners and other members of the light microscopy community globally. The term “light microscopy community” shall be interpreted broadly, inclusive of scientists and staff in academia and industry positions, as well as, for instance, members of publishing entities, regulators, funders, other communities, or community organizations and so on. Membership is established through registration on the webpage in the member section. Membership can be ended by each individual member through withdrawal from the membership list on the webpage. Membership can be revoked as the outcome of mediation process by vote of the Ombuds Board (OB) and confirmation by the Steering Committee (SC) and Editorial Review Board (ERB).

Boards and Committees

The operation of QUAREP-LiMi is coordinated through its Steering Committee (SC), which consists of representatives for the WGs, directly elected members, statutory members and any number of non-voting members, e.g. representatives of other community organizations, paid staff, etc. All voting members of the SC elect the mandatory officers and non-mandatory members of the Executive Council (EC). The EC acts between SC meetings, but must have its decisions confirmed by the SC. The Editorial Review Board (ERB) exclusively deals with the review, consortium wide feedback and communication of mature work products form the WGs. ERB members are representatives of WGs. The Ombuds Board (OB) is the mechanism by which each member can seek resolution to issues that need mediation. The OB is formed by representatives of the WGs; however, its chair and co-chairs are the only officers in the consortium that are directly elected by the GA. The Annual Meeting Committee (AMC) is organized by its chair, who is elected from among the members of the SC.