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WG 9 - Objectives

The principal aim of WG9 is to coordinate and promote the activities of QUAREP-LiMi. Within this WG, there is representation from all other WGs in addition to key global, regional, and national microscopy communities. WG9 will also liaise directly with corporate partners, scientific publishers, and funding bodies.

WG9 will focus on the following activities:

1) Ensure that the output of QUAREP-LiMi achieves maximum impact within the imaging community by raising awareness of the need for QC across all stakeholders in light microscopy (via white paper, website, publications);

2) Seek to obtain support from our corporate partners (microscope manufacturers/technology companies);

3) Obtain funding and support from national bodies, scientific publishers and learned societies to help cover the activities of QUAREP-LiMi (allow us to stage physical meetings, cover publication costs, help with organization and add impact);

4) Keep stakeholders informed and share information through a regularly updated website and tools database (towards internal and external communication and impact), and

5) Coordinate QUAREP-LiMi WGs and future QUAREP-LiMi meetings (virtual and physical).

WG 9 - Co-Chairs

WG 9 - Latest News


Last meeting: 6th February 2024, 4:00 pm

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