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WG 7 - Objectives

The Work Group 7 focuses on various aspects of Image Metadata (initially primarily Microscopy Metadata but also Sample and Analysis Metadata). These span from defining and continually revising the 4DN-BINA-OME (NBO) Microscopy Metadata model, to facilitating metadata capture through user-friendly tools, to integrating the captured metadata into cloud-ready storage containers such as the newly developed Open Microscopy Environment (OME) Next-Generation File Format (NGFF). To promote the uptake of metadata tools and models, educational material and outreach strategies are also developed.  

To carry on these tasks, WG7 is organized into four subgroups, each of which carries out specific objectives. These subgroups are created, paused, or dissolved on a needs basis as agreed by the WG7 as a whole. The currently active focussed subgroups are:


  • Subgroup 1: Improving the usability of Metadata tools
    • Aims: Develop user-friendly tools to input, update, and visualize image metadata.
    • Co-leads: Caterina Strambio De Castillia and Roland Nietschke
    • Contact information: caterina.strambio@umassmed.edu 
    • Cloud storage location (can be accessed as a member) → here
  • Subgroup 2: Metadata education and outreach
    • Aims: Develop guidelines and educational material for users to understand and record image metadata
    • Co-leads: Nathalie Gaudreault and Aastha Mathur
    • Contact information: aastha.mathur@eurobioimaging.eu  
    • Cloud storage location (can be accessed as a member) → here 
  • Subgroup 3: Metadata storage specifications
    • Aims: Develop ways and options (e.g. OMERO) to store/manage/retrieve metadata together with image data and in particular OME-NGFF
    • Co-leads: Guillaume Gay, Ken Ho, and Damir Sudar
    • Contact information: dsudar@qitissue.com and kenneth.ho@crick.ac.uk
    • On-going tasks: 
      • Developing Micro-Meta App plugin for OMERO.web
      • Integrating Micro-Meta App with OMERO.mde
      • OWL/RDF ontology
      • Testing JSON-LD as a standard for metadata storage for OME-NGFF
    • Cloud storage location (can be accessed as a member) here
  • Subgroup 4: Metadata model revision


To join one or more of the groups you need to first become a member of QUAREP-LiMi here, where you can select WG7 as one of the Work Groups you want to participate in. Once you have access to the cloud server, you can enter your name in this spreadsheet to join the respective subgroups.

WG 7 - Co-Chairs

WG 7 - Latest News

Last meeting: 20th June 2022, 5:00 pm

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