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Closing date is the 16th of July

QUAREP-LiMi now requires a Specialist Support Officer to assist with a number of critical tasks associated with maintaining, promoting and growing a large international and diverse community of scientists and industry participants.

You should have an understanding of microscopy, data management, research funding and publishing but opportunities for training and self-directed learning will be provided. You will be expected to take the lead on a number of specific administrative, promotional and technical tasks which require a scientific background.  These will include but are not limited to: maintaining the large and ever growing list of participants, their affiliations and WorkGroup (WG) assignments; supporting meetings; developing and maintaining the QUAREP-LiMi website and databases, social media streams, community outreach and conference organising. 

If you need more information and are interested apply here.

The WG1 released its first protocol “Illumination Power and Illumination Stability“. The protocol is featured on

Beside step-by-step instructions, the protocol provides:

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