Quality Assessment and Reproducibility for Instruments & Images in Light Microscopy

The QUAREP-LiMi is a group of enthusiastic light microscopists from Academia and Industry all interested in improving quality assessment (QA) and quality control (QC) in light microscopy. We came together in our first online Web meeting on 28th of April, 2020 with about 50 attendees. By now (19th of September 2023) the group has grown to 554 people from 39 countries all over the world. We have members from national microscopy communities, companies involved in the microscopy business, organizations or institutions related to standardization on a national or international level, and scientific publishers and observers from funding agencies (see the graph below and on the member page for an overview).

In the 2nd General Meeting on the 9th of July 2020, ten working groups were established to bring our common aims quickly forward. These web pages give a short overview of QUAREP-LiMi. In the 3rd General Meeting working group 11 “Microscopy Publication Standards” was established and later we established working groups 12 “Image Visualization and Analysis” and 13 Phototoxicity“. New working groups 14 “Environment” and 15 “FLIM” will be established in summer 2023.

QUAREP-LiMi runs a cloud server with more information and as a common repository and exchange point for our work.

QUAREP-LiMi is absolutely open for new members and we are looking forward to hearing from you. If you want to join the initiative, fill out our form. Use our form for changing your working group (WG) or joining a new WG. For any further questions, please contact us.12

Breaking news

Our new interactive world map is online now (on the main page at the bottom). It shows where our members are coming from. We already filled in the first locations of companies, universities or institutes which are part of QUAREP-LiMi. Feel free to check it out. If you want to become a member of QUAREP-LiMi, please join here.