July 7, 2022

Home / QUAREP is looking for a Specialist Support Officer in Newcastle, GB

Closing date is the 14th of October

QUAREP-LiMi now requires a Specialist Support Officer to assist with a number of critical tasks associated with maintaining, promoting and growing a large international and diverse community of scientists and industry participants.

You should have an understanding of microscopy, data management, research funding and publishing but opportunities for training and self-directed learning will be provided. You will be expected to take the lead on a number of specific administrative, promotional and technical tasks which require a scientific background.  These will include but are not limited to: maintaining the large and ever growing list of participants, their affiliations and WorkGroup (WG) assignments; supporting meetings; developing and maintaining the QUAREP-LiMi website and databases, social media streams, community outreach and conference organising. 

If you need more information and are interested apply here.

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